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Sold in Japan as charms to bring good luck and ward off evil as much as for decorative purposes, this eye-catching collection of figurines each has its own unique meaning and story to tell. Created from a variety of materials – from washi (Japanese paper) through to clay and ceramics - our collection brings together some of the best of Japanese craftsmanship and folk-art from its diverse regions.

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Takasaki Daruma Doll – Red


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Straw Decoration – Shimenawa Dragon

しめ縄飾り 辰

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Paper Mache Zodiac Figurine – Dragon

張り子 辰


Papier-mache Figurine – Tatsu

張り子 辰


Okinawan Ceramic Ornament - Mini Shisā

やちむん ミニシーサー

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Hariko Sea Bream Figurine

張り子 叶え鯛

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Hariko Monkey Figurine

張り子 山芋猿

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赤べこ 4

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Folk Toy – Zodiac Monkey

尾崎人形 干支サル

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Folk Toy Whistle – Magpie

尾崎人形 カチガラス

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Earthenware Bell Oni Amulet Large – Gold

厄除鬼 土鈴 金(大)


Folk Figurine – Inari-koma

のごみ人形 稲荷駒

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Papier-mache Figurine – Bowing Deer

張り子 おじぎ鹿


Papier-mache Figurine – Daruma

張り子 だるま


Okiagari Kobōshi


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Papier-mache Figurine – Rabbit

張り子 うさぎ


Folk Figurine - Myōbu

​能古見人形 命婦

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Folk Figurine – Deity

能古見人形 のごみ天神

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Stuffed Folk Toy Set – Zodiac Animals

木版手染めぬいぐるみ 十二支仔セット

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Folk Toy Bell – Magpie

​能古見人形 勝からす鈴

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Folk Toy Bell – Dove

​能古見人形 はと鈴

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Folk Toy Bell – Owl

​能古見人形 みみずく鈴

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Folk Toy Bell – Deer

​能古見人形 しか鈴

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Carved Wooden Rabbit

一位一刀彫 兎

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Stuffed Folk Toy – Duck

木版手染めぬいぐるみ オシドリ夫婦

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Stuffed Folk Toy – Pheasant

木版手染めぬいぐるみ 雉

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Stuffed Folk Toy – Sparrow

木版手染めぬいぐるみ 花雀

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Stuffed Folk Toy – Waxwing

木版手染めぬいぐるみ 連雀

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