Evoke a sense of Japan at home with our incense sticks and accessories. Find scents from the Japanese woodlands or delicate porcelain holders intricately shaped to resemble doves for an instant mood lift.

Incense product category

Incense For Stationery


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Suzugami Tin Incense Holder

すずがみ 香立


Camellia Incense Holder

椿 香立


Incense Coil Kikka Senko Aroma



Hinoki Incense Cone


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Incense Burner

香炉 銀葉

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Matcha Incense Set – Way of Tea

抹茶 いとをかし香 茶道


Matcha Incense Set – Phoenix Hall

抹茶 いとをかし香 鳳凰


Blended Incense Sticks - Jijū

お香 六種の薫物 侍従

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Blended Incense Sticks – Fallen Leaves

お香 六種の薫物 落葉


Fragrant Wood Incense Sticks – Sandalwood

お香 白檀


Blended Incense Sticks – Lotus Leaf

お香 六種の薫物 荷葉


Blended Incense Sticks – Chrysanthemum

お香 六種の薫物 菊花


Blended Incense Sticks – Plum Blossom

お香 六種の薫物 梅花

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Fragrant Wood Incense Sticks – Kyara

お香 伽羅


Fragrant Wood Incense Sticks – Agarwood

お香 沈香


Blended Incense Sticks - Kurobō

お香 六種の薫物 黒方