Kenzan is the Japanese word for ‘flower frog’ – an item used in ikebana (flower arranging) for sculpting elegant arrangements without the need for foam. In our collection, find a varying range of kenzan, some containing tiny spikes on which to present the flowers, other cast with holes to hold the flowers in their appointed positions, each crafted by experts in their field.

Kenzan product category

Kenzan Hanakatsu

ハナカツ 剣山

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Flower Frog – Michikusa Kenzan

ガラス剣山 みちくさ

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Flower Frog – Petal

針のない銅製剣山 Petal

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Flower Frog – Voronoi

針のない銅製剣山 Voronoi

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Flower Frog Vase

針のない銅製剣山 Hana