Okinawan Ceramics (Yachimun)


Glimpse into the world of Okinawan ceramics (yachimun) with this specially curated collection of handmade products from the village of Yomitan. Bring the warmth of Okinawa to your home embodied in the craftsmanship of these one-of-a-kind ceramics.

Okinawan Ceramics (Yachimun) product category

Okinawan Ceramic Plate - Blue Rim

やちむん皿 青ふち

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Okinawan Ceramic Bowl - Persian Blue

やちむん ペルシャ鉢

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Okinawan Ceramic Bowl - Makai

やちむん マカイ


Okinawan Ceramic Plate - Polka Dots

やちむん皿 みどり小玉

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Okinawan Ceramic Ornament - Mini Shisā

やちむん ミニシーサー

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