Pastels & Crayons


The range of crayons and pastels in our art supplies collection includes something for tiny, budding artists as well as the fully-fledged. Find award-winning, sustainable crayons made using smooth rice bran wax through to oil pastels from Osaka and sets containing colours to perfectly reproduce scenes of the Japanese seasons.

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Dustless Chalk - 6 Neon Colours

ダストレスチョーク 6色

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Dustless Chalk - 6 Marble Colours

ダストレスチョーク 6色

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Dustless Art Chalk - 12 Colours

ダストレスチョーク 12色

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Kitpas Art Crayon - 6 Colours

キットパスアートクレヨン 6色

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Kitpas Ecru Crayons - 12 Colours

キットパスエクルクレヨン 12色

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Kitpas Crayon Block - 8 Colours

キットパスブロッククレヨン 8色

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Kitpas Crayon - 12 Colours

キットパスクレヨン 12色

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Kitpas Crayon for Bath - 10 Colours

おふろ用キットパスクレヨン 10色

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Assorted Oil Pastels

オイルパステルセット 10色セット

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Fluorescent Neon Crayon


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Gondola Soft Pastels


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