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Japan is well-loved around the globe for its ingenious, high-quality stationery items. In our range, beautifully decorative washi (Japanese paper) pencil cases and brightly coloured colouring pencils from esteemed stationers KOKUYO sit next to intricately crafted glass pens which were first produced in the Meiji Period (1868-1912 CE).

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Japanese Glass Dip Pen Set



Yūzen Brush Pen

京友禅紙包み 筆ペン

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Bamboo Brush Pen with Case

天然竹筆ペン 桐箱入り


Watercolour Brush Pen Set

水彩 筆ペン 5色セット


Dual Colour Pencils 20 Colours

コクヨ 色鉛筆 DUAL COLOR 20色


Dual Colour Pencils 10 Colours

コクヨ 色鉛筆 DUAL COLOR 10色

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