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Made of tin, porcelain or wood, our sake cup and pouring flask collection includes stylish pieces made at the hands of expert craftspeople. Feel a sense of Japan at home by serving a freshly opened bottle of daiginjo from a tokkuri (sake bottle) into beautifully crafted choko (sake cups).

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Porcelain Sake Cup – Chequered

磯部焼 切立ぐい吞み 市松


Chamfered Porcelain Sake Bottle – Gosu Blue

磯部焼 面取り徳利 中 呉須巻


Sugi Sake Cup Set

酒カップ 杉セット


Hasami Porcelain Sake Cup - Asagiri

波佐見焼ぐい呑み 朝霧

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Hasami Porcelain Sake Bottle - Asagiri

波佐見焼 燗徳利 朝霧

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Hasami Porcelain Sake Pitcher - Stone

波佐見焼ストーン 冷酒器

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Hasami Porcelain Sake Cup - Stone

波佐見焼ストーン 盃

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Hirashimizu Ceramic Sake Bottle


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Glass Sake Set



Tobe Porcelain Sake Cup - Karakusa

砥部焼 反りぐい吞み 唐草


Aluminium Sake Pitcher



Thin Glass Sake Set

うすはり 酒器揃

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Tin Sake Cup Set with Tokkuri

錫製 徳利 ぐい呑み2ヶセット (桐箱入り)


Tin Sake Cup Set with Katakuchi

錫製 片口 ぐい吞2ヶセット(桐箱入り)


Porcelain Sake Cup – En

磁器 猪口