Sailor 1911S Fountain Pen Black

A well-rounded fountain pen from Hiroshima Prefecture, honouring the foundation year of the Sailor brand.

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The 1911 series was designed to honour year founder Sakata Kyūgorō and his brother established the Sailor brand. It began with the construction of the Sakata-Manufactory to producing solid gold nibs, manufactured specifically for fountain pens to create a smooth and enjoyable writing experience.
The 1911 fountain pen uses the same high-quality materials and craftspersonship. The pen has a classic Sailor design, with rounded curves, an anchor emblem on the 14K gold nib, and a black resin body with a gold plated trim. The fountain pen accommodates both the Sailor cartridge and a converter filling mechanism for ink.

As a significant cause of malfunction in fountain pens is lack of use, during which ink can solidify, the maker recommends using the pen daily.
Clean the pen every 2-3 months.
For cleaning cartridge ink:
Take off the lid and the body;
Take away the empty cartridge and discard;
Immerse the entire nib section in a glass of water and leave immersed overnight;
Wash with running tap water.;
Using a soft cloth or tissue paper dry the entire nib section.
For cleaning converter ink:
Take off the lid and the body;
Put the nib into a glass of water and turn the converter’s knob to draw water as with ink.#;
Turn the converter’s knob the other way to expel the water, repeat this 5-6 times;
Remove the converter from the nib and submerge the entire nib section in water and leave overnight;
Rinse the nib section with running tap water;
Using a soft cloth or tissue paper dry the entire nib section.

Diameter : 1.2cm
Length with cap : 13.5cm
Length without cap : 14.7cm

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