Air Purifying Bag

An air purifying bag containing charcoal bamboo made in Okayama Prefecture.

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The bamboo charcoal contained within these new type of linen bags naturally absorbs foul odours, bacteria, harmful pollutants and excess moisture from the air. This air purifying bag belongs to the brand Maaaaabi Natural, which was created to aid the reconstruction of the Mabi District of Kurashiki City in Okayama Prefecture that was struck by flash floods in 2018. Bamboo charcoal is made by burning dried bamboo at 800 degree Celsius for 3 days and nights in a sealed furnace then leaving it to cool naturally. A batch of 3 tons of bamboo produces around 300-400kgs of charcoal. This high-quality charcoal has a large surface area covered in small holes that absorbs and traps the impurities from the air. Another special characteristic of bamboo charcoal is its slightly alkaline PH that prevents the growth of fungi, which prefers slightly acidic conditions. Unlike other charcoal, bamboo charcoal also contains active silicic acid, providing it strong antibacterial properties resulting in a deodorizing effect, the efficacy of which has been tested and proven by the Japan Food Research Laboratories. The non-woven fabric bag containing the charcoal is created through a combination of extra-fine fibre layers and spunbound fibre layers, a new technology developed by the Asahi Kasei Corporation, that provides it with excellent breathability while preventing the charcoal inside from leaking. By sundrying the bag for one hour every month, this deodorizing property could stay effective for about 2 years, after which it can be easily recycled as sprinkling the charcoal on flower beds promotes the growth of plants.

Sundry it once a month for an hour to preserve its efficacy.

Size: L23 cm x W19 cm x H4 cm
Weight: 220 g

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