Bamboo Paper Notepad for Ink Painting

A high-quality notepad for sumi-e, ink paintings made in Tokushima Prefecture using bamboo and recycled washi (Japanese paper).

£22 per item

This specialized sketch and drawing notepad is made from Awagami bamboo washi as its base, with a specific focus on meeting the needs of sumi-e (Japanese ink painting) artists.
The distinctive feature of this notepad is its thickness and texture, which offers exceptional water absorption and allows for rich, distinctive ink bleeding similar to that achieved on professional calligraphy paper. To prevent ink bleed-through, a backing paper is included behind each sheet. The notepad also features neutral pH paper, high calcium carbonate content, and an absence of fluorescent bleaching agents, to preserve the quality of your work over a long period.

Made of 70% bamboo and 30% recycled washi.

Size: L23 cm x W16 cm x H1.5 cm

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