Blended Incense Sticks – Plum Blossom

A box of high-quality incense sticks carefully blended using long-established techniques in Kyoto.

£40 per item

These high-grade incense sticks give off the sweet fragrance of plum blossoms and are made using incense blending techniques passed down and developed since the Heian-period (794-1185 CE). Kyūkyodō, the company that produces these incense sticks, has been operating for centuries, and during some of its history was a supplier of incense to the Imperial Court. Kyūkyodō is proud of this heritage and closely protects the long-established methods and scents that distinguish its products. The fragrance of this incense is one of the so called Mukusa no Takimono, the six scents, that have been in use since the Heian-period, with each one representing a season or a particular time of the year. The scent of plum blossoms represents spring.

Box size: L7.6 cm x W2.8 cm x H2.5 cm
Contain 20 incense sticks.
Stick Length: 6 cm

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