Calligraphy Papers

A pack of 40 sheets of high-quality shodō, Japanese brush calligraphy papers from Nara Prefecture.

£13 per item

This pack of handmade, high quality paper made in Nara Prefecture was meant to be used by shodō, Japanese brush calligraphy practitioners. The paper was made to enhance the deep black colour of the sumi ink used for brush calligraphy. This pack of paper is called tanun, which means a wisp of thin, translucent cloud referring to the thinness of the paper itself. This characteristic combined with its smooth surface allows for more bleeding of the ink, helping to create expressive artworks for those advanced in shodō.

Due to its thinness, this paper is easy to tear.
Recommended for advanced calligraphers.

Size: L33.4 cm x W24.3 cm (半紙)

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