Chamfered Porcelain Sake Bottle – Gosu Blue

A chamfered sake bottle, hand painted in gosu, an indigo pigment made with cobalt oxide, from Tobe in Ehime Prefecture.

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This chamfered sake bottle is produced by Baizan-gama, one of the oldest kilns in Tobe, Ehime Prefecture. Porcelain created in Tobe is referred to as Tobe-yaki and often features hand-painted patterns in gosu, an indigo blue pigment made from cobalt oxide, on a white porcelain body.

The process of crafting Tobe-yaki begins with a clay body of porcelain, formed by the hands of skilled potters. After being air-dried for several days, the piece is initially bisque fired at temperatures over 900 degrees Celsius in a noborigama (a climbing kiln) built with large, heat-resistant bricks. The gosu is applied via an underglaze method when the porcelain has cooled, then covered in a transparent glaze and fired for the final time at over 1200 degrees Celsius.

The chamfered edges of the sake bottle form a comfortable grip for pouring and the vibrant indigo of the gosu adds a striking depth of colour.

Dishwasher and microwave safe.

Size: W7cm x D7cm x H16cm

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