Charcoal Rikyu Air Purifier

Wagashi-shaped charcoal from Shizuoka Prefecture for purifying interior spaces.

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Charcoal has long been used at Japanese shrines and temples as a method of purifying the space and warding off ill spirits. These charcoal purifiers offer a multi-purpose function in any home, acting as either an air purifier or an aromatic diffuser by adding aroma oils. Produced in Shizuoka Prefecture, each piece is finished by hand and is created from local cedar and cypress trees cut down during forest thinning; a process of maintaining and managing healthy forests. Each piece is shaped to look like wagashi, the delicate Japanese sweets that often accompany the tea ceremony, in the form of maple leaf, plum, or cherry blossom.

The deodorizing effect lasts for about a year.
Its fragrance can be restored by drying under the sun.

Size: Ø4.5 cm x H2 cm
Box size: L8 cm x W8 cm x H4 cm

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