Chiyogami Memo Pad – Irogarasu

A notepad made of high-quality Japanese paper.

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This notepad features high-quality chiyogami – a hand-printed, decorative washi (Japanese paper) with finely detailed patterns, achieved using the Japanese method of woodblock printing. Washi made of the long, strong fibres of the ganpi plant is particularly suited for chiyogami, as it is known to have a smooth texture while being very durable.
Chiyogami has its roots in the Heian period (794-1185 CE), when aristocracy began using ornate paper to send poems to friends and lovers and further developed by artists during the Edo period (1603-1868 CE) using the woodblock printing technique.
It has been used for many years to decorate boxes and stationary items such as notebooks and letter sets as well as for a range of decorative crafts.

The papers of this note pad are folded in an accordion style with perforations in between the pages so they can be easily torn off. The geometric pattern of this notepad is one of Haibara’s signature designs reminiscent of Edo-kiriko, cut glass craft developed in Edo, present-day Tokyo. The design features diamond shapes arranged in a chequerboard pattern.

Size: L8 cm x W10.3 cm
60 pages.

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