Cold-Processed Kobe Sake Soap

A cold-processed soap crafted with Junmai Daiginjo sake, produced in Miki District, Hyogo Prefecture.

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This cold-processed Kobe sake soap is handmade by Mutenka Sekken Honpo, a brand established by Marubishi Natural Soap Factory Co Ltd, which has been producing natural soaps in the Miki District, Hyōgo Prefecture since 1955.
The scent and the colour of the raw ingredients are preserved without any additional colouring, stabilizers, or additives through a low-temperature processing technique.
The vital ingredient of this soap is Fukuju, a junmai daiginjo sake, the highest grade of sake produced with a rice polishing ratio of at least 50%, sourced from Kobe Shushinkan, a brewery with a 260-year history founded in Nada, Kobe. Sake is renowned for its benefits for the skin, there are stories of how the hands of tōji (master brewers) are smooth and youthful due to the enzymes and amino acids encountered during the brewing process.
The soap is also made up of a range of oils, such as camelia oil from the Gotō Islands containing oleic acid, a natural moisturiser, sesame oil and castor oil, which aid the lather and add to the moisturising effect of the soap, and hinoki, Japanese cypress oil that adds a subtle aroma, known for properties that help with relaxation.

Ingredients contain palm kernel oil, water, palm oil, olive oil, sodium hydroxide, sesame oil, castor oil, rice bran oil, rice fermented liquid, camellia oil, and cypress oil.
Recommended for dry skin.
Can be used for hair, skin, and face.
The soap itself does not smell of sake, so suitable for children and adults who dislike the aroma of sake.
Keep in a cool, dry, well-ventilated space out of direct sunlight.
As a handmade product, colour and shape may differ depending on the soap.
The soap may produce a white powder-like residue or moisture, however these are part of the soap and should be used.

Approx. W 5.5 x L 8 x H 2.5cm

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