Elemense Incense – Metal

A box of high-quality incense sticks made in Tokyo using over 400 years of incense blending tradition.

£60.00 per item

These incense sticks are made using traditions dating from the 16th century CE that can be traced back to Takai Juemon, also known as Kōjū, a court purveyor who created special incense blends for the Emperor and his court. His knowledge and skills have been passed down for over 400 years and have been improved with new blending technologies and the finest quality materials sourced from different parts of the world. These incense sticks are made by highly experienced, skilled craftspeople whose senses are attuned to even the slightest changes in the weather and air conditions, which affect the moisture content of the incense paste. Any necessary modifications are made during the process of kneading the paste, after which the incense is cut, selected and rolled into sticks. The name of the brand ‘Elemense’ comes from the combination of two words, element and sense. Element comes from the concept of the five basic elements of nature, fire, water, earth, wood and metal. Each scent is based on one of the five elements and made of a multi-layered blend of natural aromatic materials.
The scent of this incense is based on the element of metal. The lingering fragrance was inspired by an enduring will, as strong as metal. It contains notes of pink pepper and peaks with the scent of agarwood.

The scent is best enjoyed from a distance.
Approximate burning time: 30 minutes.

The box contains 40 sticks and an incense stand.
Box size: L17 cm x W6.5 cm x H2 cm

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