Everyday Onigiri 101: Healthy, Easy Japanese Riceball Recipes

A book by Yamada Reiko featuring 101 creative and easy-to-follow recipes for onigiri.

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In this bilingual book, Yamada Reiko demonstrates the versatility of onigiri by sharing 101 creative and easy-to-follow recipes. Described as Japanese “soul food”, the humble onigiri is a simple yet vital element of everyday bento lunches, light snacks, and food on the go. This cookbook serves as an inspiring introduction to onigiri, providing a wide range of filling ideas and broadening the possibilities of the onigiri.
In detail, the recipe book explores inventive ways to combine flavours with rice, such as wrapping the rice with various ingredients, grilling it with different sauces and incorporating seasonings directly into the rice.

Yamada Reiko is a cooking adviser who has taught with a focus on home cooking since 1995. Her lessons not only centre on cooking but explore other themes surrounding hosting and the idea of omotenashi (hospitality and care for guests). She has also offered father-and-son cooking classes to strengthen understanding of the importance of food within the home and family. Internationally, she has hosted cooking classes and various events connected to food culture in the US and Singapore.

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