Fragrant Wood Incense Sticks – Sandalwood

A box of high-quality incense sticks carefully blended using long-established techniques in Kyoto.

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These high-grade incense sticks give off the sweet fragrance of chrysanthemum flowers and are made using incense blending techniques passed down and developed since the Heian-period (794-1185 CE). Kyūkyodō, the company that produces these incense sticks, has been operating for centuries, and during some of its history was a supplier of incense to the Imperial Court. Kyūkyudō is proud of this heritage and closely protects the long-established methods and scents that distinguish its products.
These high-grade incense sticks are made of sandalwood (santalum album) which has a refreshing, gently sweet fragrance and is reputed to bring health benefits.

Box size: L7.6 cm x W2.8 cm x H2.5 cm
Contain 20 incense sticks.
Stick Length: 6 cm

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