Furoshiki Toki-iro Rikyubai S size

A furoshiki wrapping cloth adorned with Rikyū-bai pattern produced in Kyoto.

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Furoshiki are wrapping cloths, historically used to wrap items for transporting, and are often square in shape to enable the ends to be tied together. In the present day, furoshiki has become a replacement for paper gift wrapping or is used to prevent objects such as lunch boxes and books from getting damaged.

The Rikyū-bai pattern adorned on the furoshiki is named after Sen no Rikyū, a tea master from the 16th century who was an influential figure in the history of the Japanese tea ceremony. It is said that he favoured the pattern of ume (plum blossoms) as they bloomed even in the harsh cold before the sakura (cherry blossoms).

The furoshiki is reversible with complimenting colours on both sides that provide a colourful display when wrapping. Available in combinations of green/pink, pink/ecru and purple/pink.

Wash by hand or use a handwash setting on washing machine at 40 degrees Celcius.
Iron between approximately 140-160 degrees Celcius, under a protective layer of cloth.

Size: 45x45cm
Material: 100% polyester

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