Gondola Soft Pastels

A set of colourful pastels, handmade by skilled craftspeople in Kyoto.

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These pastels are made by mixing pigments with a small amount of water-based adhesive to create vibrant colours that are fitting for capturing the Japanese scenery. The time and ratio required to create for mixing the pigments is adjusted by expert craftspeople who have developed a sense for feeling the changes in the weather and season that affect the mixture. As those who use this medium will know, it is difficult to mix colour when using pastels therefore this set offers a wide range of colours.

48 colours: L16.5 cm x W12.5 x H2.5

66 colours: L28.2 cm x W10.4 cm x H2.7 cm

100 colours: L32 cm x W13 cm x H3 cm

150 colours: L33 cm x W19.5 cm x H3.5 cm

242 colours: L40.8 cm x W25.5 cm x H3.5 cm

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