Handwoven Kurume-kasuri Shawl

A handwoven high quality cotton shawl from Fukuoka Prefecture made using Kurume-kasuri.

£240 per item

Kurume-kasuri is a Japanese textile technique that originated in the Kurume region of Fukuoka Prefecture. It is known for its intricate and distinct patterns achieved through a complex process of resist-dyeing and weaving. The process involves several labour intensive stages carried out by expert craftspeople who have inherited the tradition over generations. First, the patterns are designed and transferred onto threads using a resist-dyeing technique. This involves tying specific sections of the threads tightly or applying wax to prevent them from absorbing dye. This meticulous process creates the desired colour changes with which the patterns are formed. Afterwards, the threads are hand woven on looms. The patterns found in Kurume-kasuri are often inspired by nature, incorporating motifs such as flowers, plants and geometric shapes with colours of indigo blue and white. Renowned for its high level of craftsmanship, and the beauty and intricacy of its patterns, Kurume-kasuri has been designated an Important Intangible Cultural Property of Japan.

Handwash only.
This shawl is handwoven using threads coloured with synthetic dyes.

Size: L180 cm

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