Kintsugi: The Poetic Mend

A book on the Japanese craft of kintsugi, explaining its technicalities, symbolisms and the philosophy behind it, illustrated with personal stories.

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The craft of kintsugi (‘joining with gold’) is underpinned by a philosophy of finding beauty in the flawed or imperfect. Author Bonnie Kemske explores the symbolism of kintsugi which make it a popular art from that continues to be practiced even in modern times when broken objects can easily be replaced. Bonnie delves into the origins and technical aspects of the craft, and shares personal stories from artists and ceramicists from Japan and the US.
“A kintsugi repair speaks of individuality, fortitude and resilience, and the beauty to be found in survival. Kintsugi leads us to a respectful and appreciative acceptance of hardship and ageing.”

Bonnie Kemske is a professional writer and ceramic artist. She holds a practice-based PhD from the Royal College of Art, London, in ‘Touch and Ceramics’. She continues to contribute articles to many international publications from magazines to newspapers, and also writes and presents papers for a diverse range of academic conferences.

176 pages.

Size: L29.4 cm x W23 cm x H1.7 cm

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