Bamboo Bento Basket S

A bamboo bento basket for sandwiches and onigiri (rice balls), handwoven in Kyoto Prefecture.

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This bamboo bento basket is woven by hand in Kyoto Prefecture in intricate ajiro weave (netting plaiting) using thin bamboo strips. The square-shaped bento box is versatile and the ideal size for carrying sandwiches or onigiri (rice balls) to a picnic. Additionally, it can be coordinated alongside tableware, functioning as a basket to hold bread or smaller vessels. It can also be used in other ways, for example as a sewing box, a container to organize small accessories, or as an interior decoration.

As bamboo is a natural material with different grains and patterns, individual items will differ.
Please do not microwave, put in the oven, or put in direct fire as this will lead to warping and cracking.
Please do not use harsh cleaning tools or abrasive detergents.
Please do not soak over a long time, in hot water, or wash in a dishwasher as this will lead to warping and cracking.
When using it is advised to use waxed paper or baking parchment so food does not touch the basket.

Size : W16.5×D16.5×H8.5cm

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