SAIKAI Hasami Porcelain Plant Pot 145mm

A porcelain plant pot crafted in Hasami, Nagasaki Prefecture, a region distinguished for its production of porcelainware.

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This porcelain plant pot is skilfully crafted in Hasami, Nagasaki Prefecture. Hasami has been renowned for producing high-quality porcelainware for the past four centuries. The plant pots are designed with clean lines and are created from a blend of natural stone and clay, then finished with a soft textured glaze. The nesting functionality of the pot is inspired by jubako (tiered boxes for food) to facilitate efficient storage and the pot fits seamlessly with the Hasami Porcelain Plant Pot Plate 145mm, which will collect overflowing water. It is the ideal size for a small to medium-sized house plant.
The contribution of different craftspeople at various stages in the production process, along with seasonal conditions that affect the redness of the clay mean that each piece is individual.
This plant pot is available in two finishes, natural and clear.

Size : Ø 14.5 × H 10.6 cm

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