Sasawashi Bath Towel

A highly-absorbent, cleansing bath towel made of an organic Japanese textile, sasawashi.

£55 per item

Sasawashi is washi (Japanese paper) which has had flakes of kumazasa (a variety of bamboo grass species native to Japan) added during the production process to create an organic textile. Washi is a highly versatile, durable material and its thinness and light weight allow it to be used in a variety of ways such as for writing paper, sliding paper screens, lampshades, umbrellas and even tableware. In order to create sasawashi, ground kumazasa flakes are added to the mixture during the process of washi-making, producing sheets of sasawashi that retain the antibacterial and anti-allergenic properties of kumazasa. The sheets are then cut into tapes of varied thicknesses, which are in turn twisted and spun into yarns like threads. These threads are woven into fabrics using power looms. This process results in products which are sustainable, lint-free and highly absorbent. Thanks to their washi content, these towels provide excellent protection against UV rays while the natural antibacterial quality of kumazasa cleanses the skin and removes odours.

Can be machine washed.
Wash it separately from coloured items, using mild detergent.
Do not bleach.
Do not tumble dry.

Size: L100 cm x W48 cm

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