Silk and Charcoal Knitted Leg Warmers

Comfortable leg warmers infused with the benefits of ceramic charcoal from Shizuoka Prefecture.

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These cotton and silk leg warmers are produced in Shizuoka Prefecture and are coated with ceramic charcoal. Ceramic charcoal is produced by covering wood in clay and heating it to high temperatures, which results in a material that can retain heat, control moisture, and deodorize. Kinokoto makes use of wood that has been cut down as part of forest thinning, a process that maintains and manages healthy growth in forests. The inner section of these leg warmers is produced from this specially designed silk, while the outer part facing the elements is made of cotton.

Machine washable.

Interior: 100% charcoal infused silk. Exterior: 100% cotton.

Length 38 cm
Circumference approx. 16-43 cm

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