Tempyō Pattern Origami

A set of 144 sheets of decorative paper with historical Japanese patterns.

£65 per item

This set of 144 pieces of high-quality chiyogami was produced in Nara using letterpress printing. Chiyogami is an ornate Japanese paper with intricate patterns which has its roots in the Heian period (710-794 CE). From decorative wrapping through to message cards, chiyogami can be used in many ways. Its aesthetic qualities and versatility allowed it to prosper through the centuries and continue to enrich people’s lives in the modern day too.
The patterns of this set of chiyogami are recreations of design motifs from the Tempyo era, considered to be the most prosperous time of the Nara period (710-794 CE).
This set comes in a delicate white box bound by red and white mizuhiki. Mizuhiki is a form of Japanese knot-tying using decorative cords made of rice paper or washi (Japanese paper).

Size: L15.8 cm x W15.8 cm x H2.5 cm

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