Tenugui Wooden Frame

A wooden frame from Tokyo to display tenugui.

£138 per item


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This large wooden frame is made from wood to display tenugui as a wall decoration. In Japan, tenugui are used as hand towels, handkerchiefs, kitchen cloths, wrapping cloths and even scarfs. Made of cotton, tenugui are highly absorbent and versatile and are often decorated with patterns.

Tenugui not included.

Size: L91.5 cm x W36 cm x H2.5 cm


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The story...


Tenugui have been produced in Japan for centuries. Though the literal translation is ‘hand towel’, te means ‘hand’ and nugui is ‘to wipe’, these simple cotton cloths can be used for a variety of purposes – from wrapping to cleaning or wearing as an accessory. Tenugui come in a rich variety of patterns and colours and grow softer with each wash.

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