Ukiyo-e Paper Book: Animals by Kuniyoshi

A collection of removable ukiyo-e prints featuring Utagawa Kuniyoshi's works with a commentary by Kaneko Nobuhisa.

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Written by Japanese art curator Kaneko Nobuhisa, Animals by Kuniyoshi is a collection of 60 reproduced ukiyo-e works originally made by Utagawa Kuniyoshi (1798-1861), considered one of the great masters of ukiyo-e (colourful woodblock prints). The newest in a series of books featuring Kuniyoshi’s works, this book displays the details and variety of animals captured in Kuniyoshi’s works. Each print is featured on a full page, which can be removed from the book and used as a decoration on walls, or as letter paper or to wrap small objects. The book also contains short commentary by Kaneko on each of the works, written in Japanese and English.

Kaneko Nobuhisa (b. 1962) is a curator at the Fuchū Art Museum in Fuchū, Tokyo. He specializes in Edo-period prints and paintings and has written a number of books and publications on the subject.

152 pages.

Size: L25.5 cm x W18 cm

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