Washi Greeting Card Medium -Genrokuzakura

A washi greeting card handcrafted with katazome dying technique depicting sakura, cherry blossoms on a chequered background.

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This greeting card is illustrated by hand with sakura (cherry blossoms) on a chequered background. The depiction is dyed with the katazome technique on washi, Japanese handcrafted paper.
The katazome dying method involves applying a thin layer of paste, usually made from rice, over a stencil to protect the negative areas of the illustration. Then pigments are placed to dye the areas not covered by the paste, combining tones to create an organic warmth with expressive vibrant colours. The process ends by washing off the paste and leaving the paper to dry slowly.

As each is hand dyed variations in colour and tone are possible.

Card size: 14×10.7cm
Envelope size: 16.2×11.4cm

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