Bordeaux Wine Glass Set

A pair of ultra-thin Bordeaux wine glasses from Tokyo.

£85 per item

The glassware of this set has been carefully crafted by expert artisans and glassblowers to create ultra-thin walls of less than 1mm deep. Named usuhari, meaning ‘thin glass’ in Japanese, after this particular quality, the fine walls combined with a smooth finish on the rim create a distinct drinking experience, allowing users to better savour the contents of their glass. Producing these glasses demands a high level of expertise, with mastery of some steps of the process requiring years of practice. The process begins with preparation of molten glass in the evening, with daily variations in process influenced by factors including temperatures and furnace conditions. Next glassblowers gather an appropriate amount of molten glass, which they form into a precise thickness using controlled blowing pressure through a blowpipe. Then the resulting ball of glass is returned to the furnace and rolled to gather more molten glass, before being inserted into a mould and blown to the final shape. Any sharp edges are then grounded off, a delicate step that creates the consistent, smooth polish of each piece. Once polished the glass is washed and the top rim is reheated to a semi-molten state to produce a fine finish resulting in a comfortable mouth feel. The glass is prevented from cracking through gradual cooling in a kiln. Finally, a diamond wheel cutter is used to etch fine lines to enable the removal of any excess glass by hand. During each step of the process every glass is carefully examined, and flawed products are put back into the furnace for recycling.

As each piece is handmade there might be slight differences in shape.
Clean it with a soft sponge using a neutral detergent to avoid scratching the glass.
Not microwave safe.
Handwashing recommended.
To avoid breakage and injuries, do not stack glasses inside one another.

Box size: L19.8 cm x W12 cm x H10.2 cm

Glass size: Ø5.7-7.5 cm x H10 cm

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