Chōchikukyo: An ideal dwelling in Japan

A bilingual study of the house designed by Fujii Kōji to be the ideal Japanese home for living in harmony with nature.

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This bilingual Japanese-English book examines the ideal Japanese living space through the example of Chōchikukyo – a single-story independent wooden house built in 1928 in Ōyamazaki, Kyoto Prefecture. Designed by architect Fujii Kōji, famous for his liberal ideas blending modern Japanese and international architectural styles, Chōchikukyo successfully incorporates all the ideal elements of a Japanese dwelling and was designated a national important cultural asset of Japan in 2017. This book features artistic photos of Furukawa Taizō that show the different parts of Chōchikukyo with explanations written by Matsukuma Akira further expanding on the ideas incorporated into the building’s design. The book also contains detailed plans of Chōchikukyo for a more in-depth architectural analysis.

Matsukuma Akira was born in 1957 in Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan. He graduated from Hokkaido University where he studied architectural engineering then joined the design headquarters of Takenaka Corporation, one of the five major general contractors in Japan which provides architectural, engineering and construction services. Besides his design work, he was also involved in numerous architectural exhibition and publications. He also works as the Planning Manager of A4 (A-quad) Gallery.
Furukawa Taizō was born in Osaka Prefecture in 1957. He graduated from Osaka Photography College and worked as a freelancer until he joined Takenaka Corporation in 1982 as an architectural photographer.
He was also involved in a number of exhibitions at A4 (A-quad) Gallery, where he was in charge of photographing the works of architects.

Book size: L25.3 cm x W37 cm x H3 cm

Page count: 263

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