Earthenware Bowl – White

A classic earthenware bowl with a black glaze, handmade using longstanding pottery techniques in Iga, Mie Prefecture.

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Lake Biwa is the largest freshwater lake in Japan and one of the oldest lakes in the world, estimated to be over 4 million years old. Because parts of Mie Prefecture, once known as Iga Province, were previously submerged by the lake, which had a greater expanse in prehistory, the area is rich in clay deposits formed by sediment from the prehistoric lake. This clay has excellent heat-resistance allowing it to be fired multiple times without cracking, giving birth to style of pottery famed for its durability and hardness, known as Iga-yaki.
This bowl was handmade using established pottery techniques in Iga and has been coated with a beautiful white glaze for added protection and utility.

As each piece is handmade there may be individual difference in the glaze and shape.
After use, wash with mild dish soap and lukewarm water.
To dry, place the bottom part upside down, and let it dry completely before storing it away to prevent the mold and mildew from growing on it.

Size:  H5.6 x Ø12 cm

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