KAMAWANU Tenugui – Sake Tasting

A hand-dyed tenugui with janome, a pattern resembling snake eyes which are marked on the bottom of sake cups to compare the colour and transparency of sake.

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A tenugui is a light cotton hand towel that has a wide range of uses, from wrapping books and lunch boxes in day-to-day life, to gift wrapping, to simply wiping hands after washing.
This tenugui was produced in Tokyo using a specialized hand dyeing technique, chusen. It is a technique that affects not only the surface of the fabric but also penetrates the material so that the pattern can be seen when the cloth is reversed. The making process begins with stencils that provide an outline of the pattern for glue. Then, an additional glue-like mixture is applied to create a wall that separates areas of individual colour so that the different dyes can be carefully poured onto each section directly.
The chusen dyeing technique allows the fabric to remain soft, highly absorbent, and to dry quickly. The dyed colours change over time and the tenugui becomes softer after every wash.
The pattern featuring circles is known as janome (snake eye) and is often present on the bottom of sake cups in order to aid comparison of the transparency and colour of sake. Therefore this is the ideal tenugui to wrap a bottle of sake, or for a sake enthusiast.

Wash separately from other clothing for the first few washes.
Avoid using detergent with bleach.
Handwash or use handwash setting on washing machine.
After washing, leave to dry completely.
Leaving the product soaked in water for prolonged periods can cause the colour to fade.

Size: 33x90cm
Material: 100% cotton

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