Banko-yaki Stoneware Teapot – Black

A black stoneware teapot from Mie Prefecture, inspired by the meditative singing bowls (orin) used by Buddhist monks.

£115 per item

This teapot is made in the tradition of Banko-yaki a type of Japanese ceramic ware, which has been produced in Yokkaichi City in Mie Prefecture since the mid-18th century. Known for its excellent heat resistance, Banko-yaki pieces account for the majority of earthenware cooking pots (donabe) produced in Japan. This heat-resistant property is attributed to a special technique—said to have been only used in the Yokkaichi area—that mixes a heat-resistant mineral called petalite into the clay, making finished products capable of withstanding direct heat.
Another staple of Banko-yaki ceramics are small teapots such as this one. Handmade using iron-rich clay, the unglazed surface of the pot features a rough texture. This unglazed nature allows minerals in the clay to interact with the tea and soften its bitterness, resulting in a mellow taste.

Not mircowave or dishwasher safe.
Rinse with plenty of water and dry well after use.
Do not use sponge or scrub when washing.

Size: Ø14.4 cm x W17.6 cm x H8.2 cm
Volume: 240ml

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