Sashiko Kitchen Cloth – Lavender

A 100% cotton kitchen cloth naturally dyed using plants, and decorated with sashiko, a Japanese embroidery technique.

£76 per item

This embroidered cotton cloth was handmade by expert craftspeople in Ōtsuchi Town, Iwate Prefecture, the hometown of sashiko, a Japanese needlework technique used to embroider fabrics with decorative motifs. The technique was established in Japan during the Edo period (1603-1868 CE) for repairing and reinforcing worn-out fabrics, as well as stitching together layers of cloth for insulation in the cold winter months. The pattern of this cloth is made using a repeating motif called hana-jūji, which arranges the four petals of a flower (hana) in the shape of the Chinese character for the number ten (). The hana-jūji pattern was traditionally used by embroiderers in the Tōhoku area of Japan when working on their very first piece of needlework.

Colour may fade over time.
Do not bleach.
Handwashing recommended.
Wash gently in lukewarm water using detergent that does not contain fluorescent whitening agents.
Iron on low temperature.

Material: non-formalin bleached cotton (100%), plant-dyed cotton threads
Size (unfolded): L36 cm x W33.5 cm
Box size: L20cm x W20 cm x H1.5 cm

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