Sea Bream Soap

An all-natural soap in the shape of a sea bream, made in Tokyo.

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Inspired by wagashi, Japanese confectionery, that uses intricately carved wooden moulds to create sweets in a variety of shapes, these soaps are made using a combination of moulds and soap-making knowledge passed down for over a century. In Japan, sea bream is associated with good luck therefore it’s often served as a meal, or used a symbolic motif in decorations during celebrations and special occasions. The soaps are made of plant-based materials, mainly palm oil and palm kernel oil from RSPO certified sustainable sources. The gentle lather from the soap cleanses and moisturizes the skin leaving a faint but long-lasting, delicate scent. Using the linen rope attached, it can be also be hung in the room as air freshener.

Box: L24 cm x W13 cm x H5 cm
Soap: L18 cm x W11.5 cm x H4 cm
Rope: L12.5 cm

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