Silky Foam Sponge

A high-quality silk sponge with excellent benefits for the skin.

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This excellent sponge is made in Gunma Prefecture using locally made high-quality silk from one of the last remaining silk mills in Japan. The sponge is made without using any chemicals therefore it retains the silk’s natural sericin content. Sericin is a protein rich in amino acids such as serin, which is known for its antimicrobial, moisturizing and antioxidant effects. These properties allow the sponge to remove excess oils and retain moisture to effectively cleanse the skin without becoming a breeding ground for bacteria.

Rinse of any dirt or soap after use, squeeze then leave to dry.
Hand washing recommended.
Do not tumble dry.

Large size (for body): L21 cm x W12 cm

Small size (for face): L7 cm x W3.5 cm

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