Suzugami – Arare

An expertly crafted sheet of tin for a variety of uses handmade in Toyama Prefecture.

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Suzugami, is a remarkable tin product made in Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture. Formed from a small, thin sheet of tin, it possesses the unique ability to be repeatedly bent, folded and flattened without breaking, just like a sheet of paper used for origami. This exceptional malleability is possible thanks to the inherent characteristics of tin, combined with the expertise of craftspeople, of whom only a few are left in Japan, who specialize in hand-hammering techniques used to create orin instruments. Each piece of suzugami is meticulously handcrafted by repeated hammering of a rolled tin sheet, resulting in both beautiful patterns and enhanced durability that withstands repeated bending. Suzugami is a combination of remarkable Japanese metalworking techniques and contemporary functionality, allowing it to be used in daily life as a side plate for sweets, as a coaster for cups or even as an interior decoration folded in your desired shape.

Withstands -10℃ to 230℃ (Melting from about 200℃)
Dishwasher safe.

Small size: L11 cm x W11 cm
Large size: L18 cm x W18 cm

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