Tatara Porcelain Oval Dish

A handmade porcelain dish created with a special moulding method in Nagasaki Prefecture.

£67 per item

This oval dish is made in Nagasaki Prefecture using a ceramic moulding method called tatara. This method allows craftspeople to efficiently create unconventional shapes. In this method, a plate-like, stretched sheet of clay called tatara is pressed onto a mould then pounded by hand into shape, which creates slight irregularities on its surface. These slight distortions contribute to the charm of the piece and allow craftspeople to add their personal expression and touches to each one.

Microwave and dishwasher safe.
Due to the nature of this product, individual pieces may vary in shape, size and weight.

Size: Ø26 cm x W17.5 cm x H4.5 cm

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