Washi MIX Tabi Socks - 37-40

A pair of tabi socks in the sizes of 37 to 40 (UK sizes 4-6), produced with a blend of washi paper yarn from Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture.

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These tabi (split toed) socks are produced with a blend of washi (Japanese paper) yarn in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture. The washi is sliced thinly and twisted into yarn which is incorporated to use its beneficial qualities including lightness, breathability and quick drying properties . The socks are also easy to care for, with natural antibacterial properties that reduce the growth of bacteria while preventing unwanted odours, and are machine washable.
The tabi socks are available in three vibrant colours of pink, blue and yellow. Larger sizes of 40-42 (UK sizes of 7-8) also available.

Machine washable
Polyester : 53%
Washi paper : 45%
Polyurethane : 2%

Sizes: 37-40 (UK sizes 4-6)

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