Wooden Tea caddy Sokawa chirashi – L

An air-tight tea caddy expertly crafted using sakura tree bark in Akita Prefecture.

£135 per item

This natural wood tea caddy is wrapped internally and externally with bark from wild cherry trees, an example of a Japanese art form known as kabazaiku. This craft originates in Kakunodate, Akita Prefecture, with a history dating back 200 years. The wood for these tea caddies is harvested in August or September each year from local cherry trees which are at least 70 years old, and once peeled the bark is then dried for a further two years to ensure durability. The finish of each tea caddy has a marbled effect owing to the natural grain of the wood. Cherry bark possesses antibacterial and moisture control properties whilst also allowing for ventilation, making it the ideal material for keeping tea fresh. The caddy lid has also been specially designed to fit snugly, ensuring the tea leaves within are unharmed by external elements.

Avoid direct sunlight.
Avoid storing in damp conditions for prolonged periods.
Do not wipe with a wet cloth.
Wipe in the direction of the grain with a dry cloth to maintain lustre.
Not microwave, oven or dishwasher safe.

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