Gifts Over £150

Our collection of luxury gifts in the over £150 range includes handmade lifestyle goods and clothing made at the hands of some of Japan’s most well-regarded designers and craftspeople. These high-end goods have been produced with the utmost care using techniques which have often been refined over centuries.

Gifts Over £150 product category

Flower Vase – Hana Mitsubo

銅 花瓶


Eki Clock by Igarashi Takenobu

掛け時計 駅クロック 五十嵐威暢

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Sugi Sake Cup Set

酒カップ 杉セット


Aizu Cotton Stole – Light Grey


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Hotei Bento Box


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Stuffed Folk Toy Set – Zodiac Animals

木版手染めぬいぐるみ 十二支仔セット

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Earthenware Pot – Oribe



Leather Drawstring Bag – Grey

鹿皮 ポーチ鈍色

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Leather Drawstring Bag – Charcoal

鹿皮 ポーチ炭色


Earthenware Pot – Kayunabe



Igusa Yoga Mat

い草 ヨガマット


Earthenware Pot – Donabe


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Tin Sake Cup Set with Tokkuri

錫製 徳利 ぐい呑み2ヶセット (桐箱入り)


Brass Flower Vase

錫製 花入れ ’そろり’


Tin Sake Cup Set with Katakuchi

錫製 片口 ぐい吞2ヶセット(桐箱入り)


Flower Frog Vase

針のない銅製剣山 Hana


Table Lamp


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