Gifts Under £150

Our range of gifts under £150 includes stylish lifestyle goods such as incense burners, perfumes and stoneware teapots. Each item in our collection is designed to last, products of the hands and minds of Japanese designers and craftspeople who have refined their techniques over the centuries to bring the perfect gift to any Christmas morning.

Gifts Under £150 product category

Two-Tone Wool Scarf

ウール混 ゆらぎ縞ツートンマフラー

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Shusu Wool Check Scarf

SHUSU ウールマフラー クラウディ イエロー

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Tin Flower Vase – Ichijiku

錫 花瓶 いちじく

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NIKKA Taketsuru Pure Malt Whisky



NIKKA Miyagikyo Single Malt Whisky



NIKKA Yoichi Single Malt Whisky



RIKI Alarm Clock by Watanabe Riki: Brown

置き時計 渡辺力


Kehai Clock by Koizumi Makoto: White

掛け時計 小泉誠


Sumac Wax Candle Set – NANAO

和ろうそく ななお

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Awaglass Ornament by Terayama Norihiko



Mizunara Whisky Cup



Hasami Porcelain Soba Choko Set - Octopus Arabesque



Eau Éclosion Perfume - Cedar

オー・エクロジオン香水 スギ


Hasami Porcelain Soy Sauce Pot

波佐見焼コンディメント しょうゆさし

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Kishū Hinoki Wooden Bento Box


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Bizen Beer Mug


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Glass Sake Set



Japanese Glass Dip Pen Set



Brass Wind Chime – Onion

ブラス風鈴 オニオン

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Gym Classic – Bluegreen

ジム クラシック ブルーグリーン

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Gym Classic – Grey

ジム クラシック グレー

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Aizu Cotton Scarf – Karakuri

会津木綿スカーフ 絡繰


Scented Candle in Porcelain Case


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Arita Porcelain Chopstick Rests

有田焼 箸置セット

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Fragrant Wood Incense Sticks – Kyara

お香 伽羅


Tenugui Wooden Frame



Leather Pouch – Grey

鹿皮 巾着 ニビ色


Leather Pouch – Charcoal

鹿皮 巾着 炭色

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Acrylic Bonsai – Maple

アクリル盆栽 もみじ

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Flower Frog – Petal

針のない銅製剣山 Petal

£120.00£160.00 Choose options

Bordeaux Wine Glass Set

うすはり 葡萄酒器ボルドー

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Flower Frog – Voronoi

針のない銅製剣山 Voronoi

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Nail Nipper