Flower Frog – Michikusa Kenzan

An elegant glass kenzan (flower frog) for the creative display of wild flowers.

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Kenzan, literally translating as ‘sword mountain’, is a stand used for creating flower arrangements by fixing the flower stems on spikes. The modern design of this transparent glass kenzan allows the flowers to take centre stage, rather than the stand. It was born from the idea of picking tiny wild flowers growing on the side of the road that could be taken home and used for ikebana-style flower arrangements, bringing life and colour to the room. Its name michikusa also relates to this idea with ‘michi‘ meaning road or path and ‘kusa‘ translating as grass.

Avoid placing in direct sunlight.
Avoid washing with a harsh scrubbing brush or abrasive cleaning products as this may damage the vase.
Do not use bleach on the plastic parts.

Size: Ø6.7 cm x H3.7 cm
Package size: L7.5 cm x W7.5 cm x H5 cm

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