Princess Knight

A classic by Tezuka Osamu and one of the most influential mangas of the shōjo subgenre in the 20th century.

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‘Princess Knight is a series created in the 1950s by the manga pioneer Tezuka Osamu. The story follows the adventures of Sapphire, a princess of Silverland born with both a boy’s and a girl’s heart due to a mistake made by the celestials of her world. In the kingdom of Silverland, gender roles are strictly enforced, and only a male can inherit the throne. In order to protect her secret and claim her rightful place as heir, Sapphire assumes a dual identity, living as a prince during the day and a princess at night. As Princess Knight, Sapphire faces numerous challenges and adversaries, including scheming courtiers, jealous nobles, and supernatural creatures. She embarks on daring quests, fights for justice, and learns valuable life lessons along the way.
Princess Knight blends elements of adventure, fantasy, romance, and social commentary. It tackles themes of gender identity, societal expectations, and the importance of being true to oneself. The series incorporates Tezuka’s signature storytelling style, which combines humour, drama, and engaging characters who captivate readers.

Dubbed the ‘God of Manga’ due to his pioneering innovation and prodigious contribution to the genre, Tezuka Osamu (1928-1989) was possibly the most influential manga artists, cartoonist and animator of the 20th century.

Size: L19 cm x W14 cm

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