Handmade Body Brush

A handmade body brush with a contemporary design from Tokyo, made of magnolia and horse hair.

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There are two words for ‘brush’ in Japanese, hake and burashi. Hake have long been used as cleaning implements in Japan, while burashi (from the English word ‘brush’) developed in the 19th century with the influx of new technology and machinery from abroad. As Japanese craftspeople reponded to this new demand, makers of hake adapted their skills and also began to manufacture burashi. The company where this brush is made is one such example of this shift. Produced in Sumida, Tokyo each brush is handmade by skilled hake craftspeople, from processing the magnolia wood body with saws and planes through to the preparation of the bristles before planting them into the hand-drilled holes. The bristles are made from high quality horse hair, selected for the flexibility and softness that’s ideal for body brushes

Due to the nature of the material, cracks might appear in the wood.

Dry it well after use.

Size: L40 cm x W4.5 cm
Hair length: 2 cm

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Hake and burashi - Japanese brushes for every occasion

Hake (pronounced ‘ha-kay’) have long been used as cleaning implements in Japan, for Buddhist altars, scripture restoration and stencil dyeing. Edo brushes – Edo hake – take their name from the city in which they were made; Edo (present-day Tokyo).

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Hake and burashi - Japanese brushes for every occasion