Year of the Dragon


New Year, oshōgatsu, is an important holiday in the Japanese calendar, marked by popular customs, foods, and decorative items such as shimenawa (hanging decorations made of rice straw), kagami mochi rice cake displays, and intricately crafted talismans said to bring good fortune.

Discover our collection of items to celebrate the start of 2024, the Year of the Dragon.

Year of the Dragon product category

Tenugui - Dragon Dot

てぬぐい 辰


Tenugui – Okiagari Dragon

てぬぐい 起き上がり辰


Mizuhiki Decoration


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Takasaki Daruma Doll – Red


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Straw Decoration – Shimenawa Dragon

しめ縄飾り 辰

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Paper Mache Zodiac Figurine – Dragon

張り子 辰


Papier-mache Figurine – Tatsu

張り子 辰


Serizawa Desk Calendar 2024

カレンダー 芹沢銈介

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Hinoki Cubic Measure



Zodiac Postcard – Dragon

干支ポストカード たつ

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Copper Grater – Crane

銅製おろし金 鶴


Tin Sake Cup Set with Tokkuri

錫製 徳利 ぐい呑み2ヶセット (桐箱入り)