The Pillow Book

A Heian period classic of Japanese literature, written by Sei Shōnagon.

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The Pillow Book is the diary of court lady Sei Shōnagon who records her thoughts in an outspoken but elegant fashion giving a glimpse into the events and everyday life of the nobility and women at court during the idyllic Heian period (794-1185 CE). Consisting of poems, essays and descriptive passages, The Pillow Book is one of the greatest works of classical Japanese literature.

Sei Shōnagon (c. 966-1017? CE) was a Japanese author and poet who served as a court lady under Empress Teishi during the mid Heian period (794-1185). She is a representative figure of Heian period literature with The Pillow Book being one the most well-known work in the zuihitsu genre.

Size: L20 cm x W13 cm x H2.3 cm

400 pages

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